Zenobiusz Golonko
01-313 Warszawa,
ul. Karabeli 2G
tel./fax (+4822) 6651406,
tel./fax (+4822) 6641860,
tel.kom. 604995421
E-mail: biuro@zegir.com.pl

Filia "ZEGIR" 17-200 Orzeszkowo 14

tel./fax (085) 683 21 71
tel.kom. 604995421

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We provide SERVICES turning and milling
We mill ELEMENTS in CNC plotter
Feel free to accustom yourself with our offer on the www.tokir.com.pl
for Packaging machines,for the automotive industry,For agriculture,for dairy products,for the brewing

We produce replacements - cords and specialist

Silicone gaskets for packaging machines: MULTIVAC, VARIOVAC, TIROMAT, DIXIE, WEBOMATIC, ULMA

packaging machines, packaging systems, welding machines, rolling systems and smoking chambers.

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Forming tools are designed and built for the specific package, as well as silicone gaskets to the welding station are elements tailored for a specific purpose. Various requirements subject to various uses of force seals need exact match to the particular type of work. We design our seals in accordance with individual customer requirements. If you have any suggestions for us, please send manufacturing drawings or designs.      

We are a manufacturer of rubber and silicone seals

Our gaskets work in all conditions !!!

We use only certified materials from "STOMIL"

and silicones from French, English and German companies 


Oils, fuels, lubricants, acids, alkalis, water, medicines, etc., 

Wide temperature range - eg. Liquid nitrogen, + 350 ° C,

They are used as guides and insulators of electricity. 


We manufacture gaskets also for medicine, aviation, construction, household chemicals, appliances, electronics, food industry, agriculture, supply the filling lines and other custom

Technical seals for the meat industry, fish, dairy, food

Seals for food contact Maintenance of packaging machines, sealing packaging machines

We specialize also in automotive production; Polish and foreign cars, vans and trucks, for example, .: Star, Tatra, Kamaz, Jelcz, Steyr, TIR, Scania, Mercedes, DAF, Iveco, Renault, machines and tractors "U"

Seals reinforced membranes, pistons, caps, vulcanized plates, cords, profiles, hoses, suction cups, caps, funnels, caps, absorption pillows, etc.

We also have a wide range of gaskets for the dairy industry, breweries and agricultural machinery and equipment

We manufacture all sizes of O-rings.

Turning Please be advised: 

Products are made of materials and forms provided or our own 

In the case it is impossible to produce something in our company we have a bank of information about other producers,

If ordered silicone or rubber seals are unusual, our firm as recommended by the recipient within 48 hours performs a trial component meeting the technical conditions under which a seal is supposed to work.